44 North: GPS Vehicle Tracking

Reduce Overtime Costs.  Reduce Fuel Costs.  Gain Productivity.  It’s Simple.

44 North Tracking has a GPS tracking solution for your fleet that will:

Save You Money on Employee Overtime Costs

  • You’ll know where each vehicle is and where they’ve been
  • Eliminate drivers “hiding” to stretch their work to fill the day
  • Manage your fleet, don’t be at your employees’ mercy

Save on Fuel Costs...And Fuel Prices are Going Up!

  • Eliminate wasteful “detours”
  • Be alerted to excessive idling and speeding, both big wastes of fuel
  • Eliminate unauthorized personal use of company vehicles

Maximize Fleet (and Employee) Productivity

  • Get as much work out of each vehicle as possible
  • Record customer site arrival/departure times for use in billing disputes
  • Eliminate “time padding” of service calls and deliveries.  Get more revenue activities per shift

44 North GPS Tracking is Simple to Learn and Use.  With no software to install, it runs in the Web Browser on any computer.  Simply sign in and get all the features wherever you are.

Installation in your vehicles is done locally by trained professionals.  You’ll be reaping the benefits on the very first day, and every day.  Why Wait?  The BIG gains come immediately when you inform your drivers that GPS tracking has been installed to help you manage your business: drivers immediately behave better.




Uses Google Maps®.  You see your vehicle’s exact location

Real-Time Tracking helps you deploy the most appropriate vehicle

Historical Reports show activity details

These are some ways to use 44 North GPS Tracking:



“Live Map” Shows Current Status:

Ignition Status (on/off)

“Where’s my vehicle now?”

Tracking History Shows:

Route Taken
Ignition on/off
Direction of Travel

Where has my vehicle been?




Reporting Gives You:

Detailed history of your vehicles’ activity over a period of time.

Reports can be viewed and saved in Excel format.

Why Wait?

If you operate a fleet of vehicles as part of your business, you will increase your bottom line by implementing 44 North GPS Tracking.  The sooner you start, the sooner you reap the benefits.  It really is that simple.