44 North: Live Video Monitoring

44 North REAL-TIME, LIVE Video Monitoring

Pro-Actively Protect Your Property
STOP CRIMES in Progress –  Minimize Losses

Security for Outdoor Areas

Highly Effective Service Replaces or Complements Security Guards

Your outdoor areas are vulnerable to intrusion, theft, and vandalism.  Our operators view LIVE VIDEO of activity on your property and call the Police immediately, resulting in very high capture rates

Remote Gate Access Control Solutions

Only authorized vehicles and people get in and out, with full audit logging and video records

Complete, Highly Effective Solutions

44 North offers full consultation, system design and implementation, plus full-time monitoring services, all for much less than available alternatives (e.g., on-site guard services).  A single, all-inclusive monthly fee provides you with an effective security solution

Actual images from an incident at a 44 North customer’s premises

This 2:15AM theft…

Becomes this 2:20AM arrest

Let our people and technologies help keep your business secure and profitable